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Turnkey Solutions

ESSCO offers an extenisve list of site and installation services tailored to meet the requirements of prime contractors and government agencies worldwide and provides a competitive turnkey approach by handling all phases associated with the site building process, including:

  • Site appraisals

  • Structural engineering

  • Antenna/radome foundations

  • Antennas

  • Radomes

  • Project management and integration

  • Antenna/radome removals and installations

Beyond the initial planning and installation of antenna and radome systems, ESSCO offers further assistance to extend the life of your purchase by providing:

  • Antenna/radome maintenance programs

  • Annual inspections (interior and exterior)

  • Antenna/radome repairs (periodic washing/painting and damage repairs)

  • Antenna upgrades (ESSCO just completed the installation and commissioning of the NEXRAD dual polarization upgrade for the National Weather Service.)

ESSCO has earned the reputation as the foremost leader in design, production, installation and maintenance of radome systems worldwide giving us a unique advantage over our competitors with site specific experience.  With sales and installations in over 80 countries worldwide, chances are, if you want an antenna or radome installed somewhere, we have already been there!  We have established a broad network of subcontractors to enable us to provide competitive bids and valuable local content vital in winning international contracts and timely completion of projects.

Contact ESSCO today and let us move your project from conception through completion.