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To support our products and customers worldwide, ESSCO employs a full-time staff of experienced professional field service technicians and engineers.  This allows us to provide installation support and emergency services on very short notice and on a worldwide basis.  Having installed thousands of radomes globally, ESSCO's field service department has the most experience in the industry installing radomes both safely and efficiently.  We've developed a global network of contacts and subcontractors to support our installations and lower costs.  This benefit is passed onto our customers. As an additional benefit to our customers, and as a statement to the quality of our work, ESSCO also adds an extra year of warranty for customers who use ESSCO to install their radome or antenna product. This is by far the best warranty in the industry and a statement to the quality of our product and our work.

With many of our technicians and installers having over 20 years experience, our crews understand the requirements unique to each site and conduct their work in a safe and timely manner. Services available include:

  • Foundation construction/inspection

  • Metal space frame and composite radome installations

  • Shipboard installations

  • Antenna installations

  • Technical advisors and installation support

  • Training programs 

  • Maintenance programs

  • Antenna alignment

All field service representatives are trained and certified in the following facets of the installation process:

  • Forklift operation

  • Aerial work platform Operation

  • Scaffold construction and safety

  • Fall protection and prevention

  • Working at heights

  • IRATA/SPRAT certification

  • CPR

All OSHA and local safety regulations for climbing and rigging are strictly followed and implemented. 

ESSCO crews have installed radomes on every continent at some of the most difficult sites, including Antarctica and above the Arctic Circle.  Radomes have been installed on towers as high as 300 feet as well.

ESSCO works closely with the customer to develop an installation and safety plan for each site taking into consideration key factors such as:

  • Local weather conditions

  • Onsite installation equipment 

  • Other equipment and antennas in place

  • Local personnel

  • The need to minimize downtime

Field Service maintenance services provided by ESSCO include:

  • Radome inspections

    • Interior and exterior

    • Sealant and surface coating

    • Base and panel to panel hardware (torque and condition)

    • Radome accessories

    • Full ispection report with follow-up recommendations

  • Radome washing

  • Radome painting

  • Radome sealing

  • Radome panel removal and replacement

  • Radome accessory replacement

Installations are performed in the fastest, safest way possible. On many sites ESSCO has arranged 24-hour installation efforts to meet operational and weather window requirements.  Our installation crews are flexible and willing to work with our customers to ensure a safe and timely installation of all products and stay within customer schedules. 

If you are interested in having us install your new radome or if you looking for an inspection/maintenance of an existing radome. Click here to request a quotation.