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Design, Engineering & Program Management

In support of ESSCO radomes and special projects, we provide numerous engineering services including design, structural and mechanical engineering services, electromagnetic analysis and predictions as well as complete site planning. ESSCO offers a unique customized approach, providing engineering solutions to each of our customer’s projects be it just electromagnetic predictions or a complete turnkey system.

Structural Analysis and Design

With our in house staff of structural and mechanical engineers, we can assist you in all the design phases of your project including, specification development for radome performance, foundations, providing radome loads for building roofs, towers or anywhere a radome is to be installed.  Our engineering department uses the most up to date software for designing and modeling radomes and radome interfaces as well as site development to solve problems at the start of a project rather than at the implementation phase. 

Electromagnetic Design and Analysis

In addition to the detailed electromagnetic design and analysis, which is done for all of our radomes, our electromagnetic staff is available to assist in other system design work. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Reflector design 

  • Feed design

  • Near-field pattern analysis

  • Subreflector design

  • Incorporation of frequency selective surfaces

  • Performance analysis of other radome and antenna interfaces

Electromagnetic Testing

ESSCO maintains multiple radio frequency (RF) testing facilities including an indoor Induced Field Ratio (IFR) test range.

We also provide electromagnetic characterization of materials or fabricated parts. Contact us for more information.

Foundation Design and Construction

Our in-house engineering staff can provide the complete foundation design for your site, verify an existing design, or build to your specifications. Having certified professional engineers on staff, we can stamp drawings if required by local laws. ESSCO can arrange for the foundation construction, provide site management or simply supply drawings and coordinate with local contractors to build the foundation to meet your needs.

Tower Design and Modifications

ESSCO can design and provide new towers for new systems or analyze an existing tower for suitability with the new antenna. Our engineering staff can review the existing tower drawings and advise on any structural modifications needed for the tower. Our field crew can make these modifications on site in conjunction with the radome installation. 

Program Management

For over 50 years ESSCO has managed the largest radome programs awarded in the industry, including programs such as NEXRAD, TDWR, North Warning, ASAR 4, Peace Shield, numerous NATO Programs and the FAA Radome Replacement Program.  ESSCO uses the most up to date software for scheduling, cost control and progress reports to management.  Our program managers are experienced in developing metrics for realizing success and are committed to achieving technical performance and compliance with all specified standards of the contract.  Through the professionalism of our program mangers and management oversight, our customer can be assured that ESSCO will meet their vision of success.