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Why ESSCO Radomes?

For over 50 years, L3Harris ESSCO has been the largest and oldest Ground-Based radome company in the world. Since our founding in 1961, we have installed more than 5,000 systems in more than 80 countries. If you're looking to invest in a radome, ESSCO is the name you should trust. Here's why:

Range of radome offerings. ESSCO offers a complete range of rigid radome types, including space frame, sandwich, solid laminate and dielectric. As such, ESSCO is the only radome company that can make a truly objective recommendation on which radome best fits your needs and budget based on your structural, mechanical, environmental and electromagnetic needs.  Please use our Radome Selector Guide or contact us at Web.Ayer@L3Harris.com. to choose the radome that best meets your requirements.

Design expertise. Our full staff of mechanical, structural, electromagnetic and manufacturing engineers work with quality assurance and field service technicians to ensure the design of the radome meets your needs and that the product we build, install and maintain complies completely with your specification.

Materials and process. When building our radomes, we use materials and processes that promote close dimensional tolerances and dielectric properties that are consistent with those assumed in the original electromagnetic and structural analysis. Instead of a "wet lay-up process," which uses dry fiberglass cloths and the addition of resins and hardeners, is environmentally unsound and is not suited for strength or weight critical structures, as the fiber and local resin cannot be controlled. At ESSCO, we exclusively use a variety of preimpregnated materials that must be processed under both pressure (either vacuum bag or autoclave) and high temperatures. These "prepregs" offer much better dimensional control, significantly higher strength to weight ratios and consistency of both resin content and thickness from part to part, helping to manufacture a radome consistent with the original design.

Unique electromagnetic capabilities. Over the past four decades, ESSCO has developed unique in-house electromagnetic design, analysis and testing capabilities using proprietary software. We also maintain an indoor Induced Field Ratio (IFR) test facility capable of measuring radome transmission loss to 0.1 dB, and trial assembly and testing areas for large radomes. Our predictions of electromagnetic performance have proven to have a high correlation with results measured in the field, leaving no surprises once the system is installed.

A total, integrated approach. Our in-house mechanical, structural and electromagnetic design experts view products and services from a total systems perspective. Meanwhile, our manufacturing, quality and installation support department’s foster feedback throughout the product lifecycle. Taking this integrated approach to radomes and high-precision antenna systems ensures consistent, accurate performance and low operating and maintenance costs over the system's life.