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ESSCO designs and manufactures shipboard radomes using a variety of reinforcements, matrices and core types, which we choose based on the specific application. We can design these radomes to meet all kinds of specifications, including low radar cross-section (RCS) requirements and multiple layer frequency-selective surface (FSS) technology, that allow specific frequencies through while blocking unwelcome frequencies.

ESSCO shipboard radomes are used in naval radar applications, high-data-rate communications systems, gun fire control systems, satellite communications, weather radar and telemetry applications.

Construction and Materials
Our shipboard radomes are made from a variety of reinforcements, including fiberglass, quartz, and Dupont™ Kevlar®, along with matrices such as polyester, epoxies and cyanate ester. We also use core materials such as honeycomb and foams (i.e., polyisocyanate and thermo-formable cores).

Depending on the application, these parts are oven-cured at temperatures up to 400º F, which require high-pressure cures at high temperatures. Other materials are also available for special applications. Regardless of the application, we can select the right combination of reinforcement and matrix to meet your requirements.

Electromagnetic Performance
These radomes have excellent electromagnetic performance for their specific application, providing up to 98% transmission efficiency depending upon frequency. We have developed sophisticated electromagnetic simulation capabilities that allow us to analyze the radome and the complex interaction of the enclosed antenna with the radome's electrically thick or thin wall. In applications where the radome does have an electrically thick wall the interaction (coupling) between the antenna and the radome is an important element that has to be taken into consideration during the design phase of the radome due to structural requirements. Our in-house codes can properly simulate the overall far-field radiation pattern of the antenna and radome as a coupled system. This allows for high-fidelity simulations of the far-field patterns, gain, boresight errors and other factors related to the use of the radome with the selected antenna system.

Standard Sizes
We can size our shipboard radomes for each customer's specific application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, as we may have a radome design that will already meet your needs. This will reduce the cost of Non-recurring engineering (NRE) associated with developing a specific radome for your application. If an existing radome size is not available, we can design a properly sized radome to meet your needs.

Typical Shipboard Radome Specifications
Each of our shipboard radomes is different and requirements vary greatly. Please contact us to discuss your specific shipboard application.