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Radome Accessories

Accessories can be added to any radome. Typical accessory offerings include::

  • Doors, hatches and windows 

  • Exterior accessories

  • Interior accessories

  • Installation accessories 

  • Maintenance accessories

  • Climate control equipment


Base Access Hatches and Doors are used to gain access to the inside and outside of the radome. Doors and/or base access hatches are located near the base of the radome for direct entry into ground-mounted radomes or for access to catwalks on tower-mounted radomes. Sizes range from approximately (26 in. x 26 in.) to (30 in. x 78 in.)

Large Equipment Doors or Access Openings
When large equipment needs to be moved on a regular basis, ESSCO can design access doors to meet that requirement.  For sandwich radomes, we can also design quick removable panels to lower the overall costs associated with large equipment doors.

Panel Removal Kits
For infrequent equipment access, it is possible to remove panels near the base of the radome. Contact us to discuss your specific application as these requirements differ significantly depending on the type of radome utilized in your application.

Zenith Hatches and Vents are often used on larger radomes to gain access to the upper exterior portion of the radome. The zenith hatch can also be combined with a vent to provide a simple ventilation system using natural convection to minimize stratification of air inside the radome.  This is accomplished by installing a manually adjustable louver at the base of the radome resulting in a stack effect of airflow within the radome.  Where more ventilation is required a forced ventilation system can be used.

A Boresight Window can be used to allow alignment of the enclosed antenna without removal of a radome panel. An optically transparent Lexan window (typically less than ½" thick) can be installed in any designated radome panel.

Aircraft Warning Light assemblies mark the radome in accordance with FAA requirements or in-country requirements. The aircraft warning light includes a lightning rod and can include a maintenance rope and pulley assembly. For international customers, please review your local codes governing this equipment prior to placing an order.

Lightning Protection Systems, including a lightning arrestor, down conductors and grounding wires, are generally used on sandwich radomes. Depending on site locations and requirements, occasionally more robust systems are required to provide adequate safety, as lightning is a random and unpredictable event. It should be noted that total prevention or 100% protection is impossible as the purpose of any lightning protection system is to mitigate the effects of lightning as much as possible. In this regard, ESSCO has designed and provided multiple lighting rod systems in the U.S. and other areas meeting the requirements of FAA-STD 019B and D.  For NATO and countries throughout Europe, we have provided lightning protection systems meeting IEC 62305-1. Metal Space radomes act as a Faraday cage and do not require a separate lighting rod unless equipped with an aircraft warning light, in which case it is provided with the assembly and connected to the radome frame work at the top of the radome to provide multiple uninterrupted conductive paths from the rod to the base of the radome.

Interior Lifting Slings, Interior Lighting and Internal Zenith Ladders make it easy to work on the enclosed antenna and help minimize antenna downtime.

Anchor Bolt Templates ensure accuracy of the interface between the radome and its foundation.  Unless installing a radome on an already existing foundation, we strongly recommend ordering this accessory at the same time as the radome in order to provide an accurate interface between the radome and its foundation. Radome Lifting Slings can lift an assembled radome on and off its foundation to reduce antenna downtime; and Installation Tool Kits assist in radome installation efforts.

ESSCO can supply Anchor Points at the radome zenith to allow for safety line attachment, Maintenance Rope and Pulley Assemblies, Climber's Harness Kits, External Rope Ladders, Panel Repair Kits and Spare Panels, for ease of periodic maintenance for any radome. ESSCO recommends that a spare panel kit be purchased at the same time as the radome to avoid costly setup charges and minimum material buys, if the spare panels are bought at a later time. Contact ESSCO to discuss the right complement of panels to order for your radome.

A radome itself does not require any type of climate control, however in certain cases where sensitive electronics could be affected by humidity or temperature, or when trying to make the atmosphere more comfortable for personnel working inside, environmental equipment, such as heaters, ventilation blowers, dehumidifiers or air conditioners, may be necessary to control the environment.

The table below provides an overview of climate control systems that are typically used.  Please contact us to discuss your specific site conditions and equipment sizing.

Climate Condition Equipment Recommended for Sandwich Radomes Equipment Recommended for Space Frame Radomes Comments
Hot, humid, non-corrosive
(no salt)
Ventilation blower Ventilation blower Add dehumidifier to reduce humidity if desired
Air stratification in large radome Recirculating blower for active control

Passive zenith and base vent to take advantage of chimney effect

Recirculating blower for active control

Passive zenith and base vents to take advantage of chimney effect

Hot, humid, corrosive
(salt or chemicals)
Air conditioning Recirculating blower plus dehumidifier
Cold Heater Heater as needed Recommend using heat only during maintenance periods for personnel comfort
Windy or gusty site No system needed Recirculating blower recommended to provide slight internal pressure