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Radome antenna systems are precision instruments. Whether used for satellite communications, air traffic control, weather tracking or surveillance, a radome's performance will suffer immeasurably if it is left to the mercy of the elements.

A radome is an electromagnetically transparent dome-like structure that houses an antenna. The primary responsibilities of a radome are to protect an antenna from the ravages of the environment, including wind, snow, ice and freezing temperatures to rain, salt, sand, the sun and even lightning or to provide an environment where concealment of the antenna is critical for security.

The following are just some of the benefits that a properly designed radome can provide for an antenna system:

  • Preserves critical system alignments, thus ensuring predictability, repeatability, consistency and reliability

  • Improves pointing and tracking accuracy

  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs

  • Reduces antenna and pedestal costs, as they will be housed in a zero-wind environment

  • Minimizes system downtime

  • Extends system and component life

  • Provides concealment during system upgrades (for those concerned with security)

  • Allows radar equipment operation in all weather conditions

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