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What is a Radome
Radome antennas are precision instruments. Whether used for satellite communications, air traffic control, weather tracking or surveillance, an antenna's performance will suffer immeasurably if it's left to the mercy of the elements. A radome is an electromagnetically transparent dome-like structure that houses an antenna. The primary responsibilities of a radome are to protect an antenna from the ravages of the environment, or to provide an environment where the antenna is critical for security.
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Radome brochureRadome leader for over 50 years. Our acquisition by L3Harris, a Fortune 250 company, provided ESSCO with the financial stability to fund our continued growth and product development and access to immense technical expertise and resources. This association has allowed us to continue to build on our philosophy of providing the best performing radomes in the world. Our commitment to excellence is what has separated ESSCO from its competition for over half a century and will continue to be our guiding principal as we move to the future.
Why ESSCO Radomes
Radomes brochureL3Harris ESSCO (ESSCO) has always been at the forefront of radome technology. Throughout our history we have been market leader in the radome industry and been first to market in the development of new membrane materials, geometric designs, radome hydrophobic coatings and radome tuning technology. As the industry leader in radome technology, we are in a unique position to provide creative–cost effective solutions to your requirements.